Personal customer experiences will be key for retailers in 2015

Sahir Anand, vice president of research and principal analyst at EKN Research, outlines the trends and technologies that will shape the retail industry in 2015

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 15 January 2015
Personal customer experiences will be key for retailers in 2015

What key retail trends do you think will emerge in 2015?

Developing contextualised stores and personalising customer services will be the main mega trend in 2015. Retailers will deploy analytics and messaging tools for mobile locationing and wearable devices, sensors and other contextual in-store technologies to help them achieve this.

The growth of omni-channel business models, and improving inventory management and order fulfilment capabilities will also be key priorities in 2015. In addition, larger retailers will need to transform the traditional POS by developing their own mobile payments platforms and solutions.

What will be the top business priorities for retailers?

Retailers need to develop a unified view of each customer and inventory to identify what technology, in-store services and interactive methods are most important to them. This will be key to prioritising investments that will have a significant impact on profitability, customer experience and effective supply chain operations.

Many retailers will also look to establish partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions, with others in the sector to help improve their own operations, or to create exclusive product offerings and provide cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

What technology developments will have the most impact?

Any technology or devices that increase brand engagement, personalise the customer journey, digitise operations, drive loyalty, or allow retailers to experiment and identify the ideal store format will be popular in 2015.

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