Real Madrid and Microsoft team up to accelerate club’s digital transformation

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 19 November 2014
Real Madrid and Microsoft team up to accelerate club’s digital transformation

Microsoft has signed a collaboration agreement with Real Madrid to help accelerate the football club’s digital transformation through technology.

The four-year vision will see Microsoft place its focus on the club’s fans and deliver a digital platform that enables them to access rich contents and experiences that are relative to their interests.

Powered by Microsoft’s cloud solutions, the platform will offer exclusive, personalised and customised content and digital services to Real Madrid’s fans.

Fans can select the content they want to access and create customised experiences at any time and from any location.

The new agreement also has a focus on data visualisation, and representing important statistics and information in a visual format.

“These days, we are all used to seeing in newspapers, magazines and the web, infographics that do a great job of telling a compelling story,” explained Orlando Ayala, corporate vice president and chairman of Emerging Markets at Microsoft, in an official blog post. “But from the moment it is published, the data is out of date, and maybe you wanted to know more or go deeper, but can’t with that image. This is the real revolution with what we are doing with Real Madrid. The vision is to really enable a dynamic platform that will provide incredible capability in reaching insights and uncovering new ideas, giving fans the opportunity to be the drivers of this discovery and the authors of their own stories.”

To help highlight the benefits and potential of data visualisation, Microsoft’s chief data analyst Marc Reguera demonstrated the company’s big data solutions at the collaboration’s live launch. Harnessing the capabilities of Power BI for Office 365, Reguera built graphic comparisons of the club’s players, matches and other key statistics, in a way that was relevant and interesting to each individual user.

“Through this partnership, Real Madrid fans around the world will be able to get closer to the game, the club and players, and the fan community in ways we never imagined possible,” added Ayala. “This is a world that can be imagined when centered on the fan, fueled by passion, and powered by today’s technologies and the cloud.”

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