AGR Dynamics updates its SCM solution to make life easier for retailers

AGR Dynamics updates its SCM solution to make life easier for retailers
The Microsoft partner has simplified its sales and promotions suite and added new capabilities 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft partner AGR Dynamics has released an updated version of its supply chain management (SCM) software, AGR 5.2.3. The new release includes an updated sales and promotions planner, featuring simplified setup and navigation.

A new Counting module has also been added to the system, to help with inventory counting.

A redesigned version now includes editable columns, making it easier to manage reports. Within the order tab, two options have been created, enabling users to either export all data to Excel or export with line cap. This is helpful at times when, for example, there are over 5,000 items in an order, but the user only wants to export the 500 items within view.

The plan setup has also been simplified in this new release. Now, when a user creates a plan, they only have to select the plan type (i.e. sales plan for standard setup), with the data series, columns and filters all be managed within. AGR Dynamics has also made the setup of the drill down with the planner easier to use, allowing all levels to be accessible from the breadcrumbs bar and simplifying navigation for the user. It is also now possible to lock each drill down level within the planner, prohibiting users to go to high levels of data in that particular view.

This release of AGR Dynamics also includes: the addition of flexible planning periods – this gives the user the ability to configure planning periods, like 4-4-5, 4-5-4; the ability for tabs in the planner to be saved per user rather than per plan; the addition of the Data Series Editor to the planning engine – the creation of data series has been moved to Settings, where the user also have the ability to view the data series accessible in the system.

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