Bay Equity uses Surface Pro to stay one step ahead of the game

Bay Equity uses Surface Pro to stay one step ahead of the game
US retail mortgage lending company enables growth by embracing digital transformation

Toby Ingleton |

US retail mortgage lending company Bay Equity has standardised on Microsoft Surface Pro devices to keep up with employee needs and better serve its customers.

Established in San Francisco Bay back in 2007, the company successfully negotiated the financial crisis which hit soon after by embracing a culture of digital transformation.

Bay Equity invested in Surface Pro devices, which helped attract and retain talent, while also being able to deliver a great service to customers.

More than 1,200 devices have been rolled out to date, replacing many of the firm’s previous desktop and laptops.

Services such as Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365 are also being harnessed to help facilitate quick and seamless communication and collaboration within the organisation.

From potentially tricky beginnings, the company now has operations centres and retail branches in more than 130 places across the US.

But despite this exponential growth, Bay Equity is as committed as ever to using the Surface Pro which has served them so well.

“The most talented people in our industry expect to have the best tools to allow them to execute at the highest level possible,” said Brett McGovern, co-founder and CEO of Bay Equity. “People see us as forward thinking and as having made the right investments in our company, which in turn is going to provide them a platform to be successful – and that’s what Surface represents for us.”

Not only does the Surface Pro allow customers to be presented with accurate and insightful information around, but staff benefit too.

“A lot of companies offer an appealing vision, but if their technology is difficult to work with, loan officers hesitate to join them,” said Bay Equity’s CIO Phil Mikolaj. “They don’t want to struggle to use the tools. That isn’t a problem for us; rather than being a barrier to recruiting, our technology attracts excellent people.”

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