Beabloo launches solution to help retailers keep public safe

Beabloo launches solution to help retailers keep public safe

Interaction Care is now available from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Retail software company Beabloo has released its Interaction Care solution on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The solution maps physical spaces to ensure compliance with social distancing and uses real-time alerts to prevent high-risk interactions. 

Retailers can set up a screen outside a store that signals entry based on occupancy. The solution also checks customers’ body temperature and detects whether they are wearing a mask.

The Interaction Care solution includes digital signage, thermal cameras, people-counting sensors and the Beabloo content management system, which coordinates messages displayed on screens.

“Our main motivation in designing this solution was to help our clients protect their customers and employees during this unprecedented situation,” says Jaume Portell, CEO and co-founder of Beabloo. “Interaction Care is an integrated solution that uses tried-and-tested technologies to minimise the risk of contagion in any public space. We can now deliver our solution anywhere in the world, thanks to Azure Marketplace.”

Beabloo says that the technology will “become an important ally for reducing the risk of future outbreaks”, by avoiding “the human consequences of the virus” and reducing “the economic impact for public spaces”.

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