Brian Tenney on striving for win-win-win scenarios

Brian Tenney on striving for win-win-win scenarios

JourneyTEAM’s CEO discusses partnership with Microsoft, incorporating AI and staying at the forefront of technology advancements 

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JourneyTEAM is one of many Microsoft cloud partners exploring how it can capitalise on artificial intelligence technology to better serve its customers. 

“It’s an exciting time to watch how AI increases user productivity and acts as a force multiplier, while also simplifying and increasing AI adoption,” says Brian Tenney, JourneyTEAM’s owner and CEO. “We are investing in learning about and adopting these tools ourselves so we can use first-hand experience to effectively help our customers do the same.” 

Another priority for JourneyTEAM is to foster successful collaboration with Microsoft, drive mutual growth and keep up with the latest changes and updates. 

“Our goal is to provide at least 51 per cent of the value in a relationship,” says Tenney. “Microsoft cares about enabling customers through its tools, and we align with this goal to drive mutual growth. Our collaboration towards a common goal is what fosters our partnership with Microsoft. 

“Keeping up with the pace of change has become easier for us as we have grown. We have organised specialised teams around certain technologies and our subject matter experts share updates and important changes with customers in a quarterly rapid-fire webinar. We also communicate regularly with customers through email, blogs and social media.” 

Complying with Microsoft’s data protection regulations and maintaining high-security standards is important for companies. “We have dedicated internal technical resources who collaborate with our modern work and security consulting team,” says Tenney. “We have also implemented a framework to make sure we are continually improving and updating our security measures.” 

JourneyTEAM also seeks feedback from clients and partners to help improve services and tailor offerings to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

“We use a standard net promoter survey to get broad customer feedback and remain in long-term contact via our customer success and account management teams,” says Tenney. “We prioritise scheduling regular check-ins for our C-level executive team to talk with customers about what is happening in their industry, and what we can do to improve. That feedback informs our annual and quarterly strategic plans to ensure we’re able to deliver high-quality products and services at all times.” 

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