Businesses save time with TimeFleX group calendaring

Businesses save time with TimeFleX group calendaring

TimeFleX tool simplifies group meeting scheduling and the management of appointments across the organisation

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Businesses are turning to TimeFleX team calendar scheduling software to simplify the way they schedule group meetings, manage appointments and oversee the calendars of employees across their organisation.

The software, which runs in Microsoft Exchange environments and integrates with Outlook calendar entries, enables users to instantly set up group calendars and meetings for hundreds of colleagues. Through extensions, users can initiate meeting polls, order beverages, and block book rooms and equipment.

A vehicle testing organisation in Germany is using TimeFleX’s software to view workers’ itineraries, identify free slots for appointments and streamline event scheduling with clients.

TimeFlex runs on all major web browsers, including Microsoft Edge, is available as a mobile app for effective team scheduling on or off site, and can even be accessed offline.

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