CenturyLink rebrands as Lumen with new Industry 4.0 focus

CenturyLink rebrands as Lumen with new Industry 4.0 focus
Lumen Platform helps customers deliver innovative technologies for smart cities, robotics and more

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Telecommunications company CenturyLink has rebranded to become Lumen Technologies, with a new focus on Industry 4.0 technologies. Through the Lumen Platform, the organisation aims to help customers deliver innovative solutions for smart cities, retail and industrial robotics, automated factories, and high-performance networking and security.

Lumen said its “combination of global technology infrastructure, powerful business solutions and industry-leading services” will help customers “to effectively acquire, analyse and act upon their data to stay ahead of the curve and to be competitive”.

“Our people are dedicated to furthering human progress through technology,” said Jeff Storey, president and CEO at Lumen. “Lumen is all about enabling the amazing potential of our customers, by utilising our technology platform, our people, and our relationships with customers and partners.”

The Lumen Platform leverages the company’s global fibre network infrastructure, edge cloud capabilities, and security, communication and collaboration solutions to deliver a fast and secure foundation for application and data services. 

“All of our futures will be driven by smart things, applications and digital services that use data for transformational purposes,” said Shaun Andrews, executive vice president at Lumen. “To serve this colossal need and further human progress through technology, we have launched Lumen and are delivering our technology through the Lumen Platform, a platform for amazing things.”

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