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Crestron expands product portfolio with Microsoft Teams-compatible hybrid-working solutions

Crestron expands product portfolio with Microsoft Teams-compatible hybrid-working solutions

Crestron Electronics

The new Crestron Desk Q (bottom) and Crestron Desk Touch (top) solutions

Businesses will be able to easily schedule desk availability and improve meeting quality with new technology

Amber Hickman |

Crestron Electronics is releasing a range of new products that will provide ways for businesses to allocate workspaces easily and improve the quality of meetings for all participants.

The firm is adding the new Crestron Desk Q and Crestron Desk Touch to the line of scheduling solutions that will allow users to reserve and schedule office desks. The Desk Q utilises QR-codes, ideal for community stations and hot desks, whilst the Desk Touch has a touch screen interface suitable for semi-private offices and cubicles.

The Crestron Flex Pods is a tabletop wireless microphone and speaker solution being added to the Crestron Flex line. The solution features a hub that connects with the room’s unified communications (UC) device and communicates wirelessly with up to four Crestron Flex Pods that can be placed throughout the room to provide a high-definition spatial-audio experience.

Also designed for meetings, the Crestron Videobar 70 is compatible with Microsoft Teams and will feature built in UC computing and four high-quality cameras that will capture participants with intelligent cropping to ensure a consistent frame.

“At Microsoft, we understand the vital role of hybrid meetings in supporting effective collaboration in today’s workplace,” said Ilya Bukshteyn, vice president of Teams Calling and Devices at Microsoft. “It's essential to have hardware solutions that are certified to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and meet the needs of small, medium, and large meeting spaces. We are pleased to see Crestron’s continued commitment to innovation in this area. Their dedication to empowering customers with comprehensive hybrid meeting solutions makes them an invaluable partner.”

The Desk Touch will be available from July, the Flex pods will be available from autumn 2023, and the Desk Q and Videobar 70 will be available this winter.

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