DriveWorks launches programme to help students design for manufacture

DriveWorks launches programme to help students design for manufacture
The programme aims to help engineering students gain advantage by learning beyond their degree 

Richard Humphreys |

Mass customisation and mass personalisation are becoming increasingly sought after in today’s market. With so many companies embracing the trend, there are plenty of opportunities available for students, providing they can demonstrate they have the necessary and desired employability skills.

In the UK, universities are under increasing pressure to equip students with these skills and real life experience. Industry professionals and educational facilities need to work together to bridge the gap and facilitate learning.

With this in mind, DriveWorks has created a new training and certification programme to help engineering students gain a competitive advantage by learning beyond their degree and gaining the skills they need.

The Gold Microsoft Application Development Partner is working in partnership with SOLIDWORKS to help students improve their SOLIDWORKS skills and make their resumes stand out from the crowd.

The DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification programme is completely free for all engineering and design students who have access to either an educational or commercial licence of SOLIDWORKS. All you need to do to get involved is activate DriveWorksXpress – the free, entry level design automation tool included in every licence of SOLIDWORKS.

The certification consists of just three easy steps and can be completed in three hours. It enables students to go beyond the theory discussed in the classroom and gain new skills that are sought after in the industry. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate confirming they’re a Certified DriveWorksXpress Associate and they’ll join a global community of DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS engineers.

The programme was recently trialled and tested at both the University of Huddersfield and Liverpool John Moores University. It was very well received by the students and one Certified DriveWorksXpress Associate gained a position within a few weeks thanks to his new skill. 

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