EIS Group uses Microsoft Bot Framework to deliver AI services

EIS Group uses Microsoft Bot Framework to deliver AI services

The integration aims to make it easier for insurers to improve the way they interact with customers

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Insurance core systems provider EIS Group has integrated its omnichannel solution – called the EIS Digital Experience Platform (DXP) – with the Microsoft Bot Framework. As a result, it will be able to deliver intelligent assistant and other artificial intelligence (AI) services to insurers, helping them to improve the effectiveness of their customer service agents and enhance interactions with customers.

DXP combines a range of insurance products and services that insurers can use to deliver tailored experiences to customers and partners across multiple channels, including mobile and web applications. The adoption of Bot Framework aims to make it easy for DXP users to incorporate AI services into personalised marketing, selling and servicing interactions powered by DXP.

Essentially, EIS clients can use the combined offering to build and connect their own bots to customer communication channels and add cognitive skills that enable bots to see, hear, interpret and interact with users naturally.

Practical examples include creating smart bots that identify customers by their voice and understand their requests; recognise photos of cars and other objects; and capture customer interaction data and use it to recommend the next best action.

“Microsoft Bot Framework helps us meet clients’ needs to deepen customer engagement with the experience they demand,” said Fazi Zand, senior vice president of products at EIS Group. “It allows our clients to augment the skills and knowledge of staff while driving more efficient, automated workflows and accelerating the pace of their digital transformations.”

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