ERA uses ClickLearn to drive Dynamics 365 adoption

ERA uses ClickLearn to drive Dynamics 365 adoption

Consultancy firm is improving customer relationship management with e-learning platform

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Consultancy organisation Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) is using ClickLearn’s e-learning platform to drive user adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and improve customer relationship management (CRM).

ERA employs more than 700 consultants who work in over 35 countries to advise customer organisations on industry-specific best practices to reduce costs and deliver tailored solutions to drive business health and growth.

However, with so many customers and employees spread around the world, ERA’s customer engagement strategy had become very complex. As a result, the firm adopted Microsoft Dynamics 365 to meet its CRM needs, but it faced the challenge of driving user adoption when it carried out the international implementation of the suite of applications. ERA decided to work with ClickLearn to ensure its employees could use Dynamics 365 correctly, by deploying its multilingual, scalable training platform.

“Many of our franchises may not have all the skills they need for working with Dynamics,” said David de la Nougerede, global head of IT at ERA. “They need the extra assistance and a way to be shown how to perform these new tasks. The ClickLearn application provides a huge advantage to our training and communication efforts [as it is] available 24/7 across the globe.”

ClickLearn generates videos and documentation to guide users across different media formats and even offers pre-loaded translation capabilities for dozens of languages to rapidly adapt instructions. ERA has been able to use these features and conduct training in many languages and across time zones.

“When you approach something like Dynamics, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by what you see on the screen,” said Nougerede. “ClickLearn is very useful in showing you what to do and it can infinitely scale for different uses.”

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