Firefly uses Microsoft Azure to deliver new teaching opportunities

Firefly uses Microsoft Azure to deliver new teaching opportunities


The cloud will enable the firm to integrate its learning service with Microsoft Teams  

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Education platform provider Firefly has moved to Microsoft Azure to integrate its learning service with Microsoft Teams and deliver new teaching and learning opportunities.  

Over 1,000 schools use the platform to simplify lesson planning, track learning progress and involve parents in their child’s education. By migrating to the cloud, Firefly enables teachers to create online Teams meetings for their classes, simplifying how they are run and saving them time. This adds to Firefly’s existing ability to manage seating plans, share curriculum resources, provide structured lesson frameworks, manage timed activities, and understand each student’s needs and requirements.  

“Our aim is to drive better learning outcomes for pupils and teachers, and include parents more in their child’s education,” said Simon Hay, founder and chief executive of Firefly. “Moving to Azure allows us to do that much more effectively. It will also allow us to explore exciting new tools and services in Azure and Teams as they are released that can support learning outcomes. 

“Teachers have struggled with multiple systems for too long. We are bringing together everything they need in one place so they can create, structure and share resources. Microsoft provides the platform, and we provide the right experience for teachers – it’s a perfect combination.” 

By integrating with Microsoft Teams, Firefly enables teachers to get insights about students’ learning styles and how they can adapt lessons to suit individuals. Parents can also use the platform to pay bills, complete forms for school trips and understand what their children are learning.  

“Firefly has become a critical tool for teachers across the world,” said Jennifer King, education industry executive advisor at Microsoft UK. “Moving to Azure will help Firefly provide a seamless and joined-up experience for educators, giving them more control over shaping the curriculum to suit the needs of their pupils. I’m looking forward to seeing Teams and Firefly truly come together to boost learning.” 

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