How is Microsoft using Azure and AI to lead change?

How is Microsoft using Azure and AI to lead change?

Solutions are helping companies across all industries improve supply chains, sustainability and more

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has been at the forefront of delivering digital tools and services that organisations need to lead their teams and customers through unprecedented times.

In addition to recently announcing partnerships with Mastercard and Kraft Heinz, Microsoft is helping organisations across all industries to build more resilient supply chains, enhance sustainability, and improve connectivity and security.

For example, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is being leveraged by consumer goods and retail companies such as BRF, ASOS and Keuring Dr Pepper to monitor supply chain updates, reduce waste and personalise recommendations for customers.

“With Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central, Keurig Dr Pepper is revolutionising the coffee experience for consumers and simplifying fleet management and maintenance for commercial partners,” said Judson Althoff, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Microsoft, in a Microsoft blog post

Microsoft Azure’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are also enabling sustainability to be a non-negotiable priority across all industries. Organisations across the world are beginning to use the solution to monitor their impacts on the environment, including Japan’s Seven Bank, Poland’s National Fund for Environmental Protections and Water Management and Singapore’s REC Group, who are all working to save energy by reducing their carbon emissions.

In addition, “Spanish firm Nueva Pescanoa has built the world’s first intelligent aquafarm to better feed the world through Azure AI- and internet of things-enabled sound detection,” said Althoff.

Furthermore, Azure is enabling wireless networking and hybrid working for both personal and professional purposes. AT&T, for instance, is integrating its 5G network with Azure private multiaccess edge compute to help deploy private wireless networks for low-latency services whilst e& is partnering with Microsoft to reinvent consumer experiences.

The use of industrial metaverse technologies, end-to-end security and Azure Cognitive Services are also improving companies’ operations and opportunities for hybrid learning.

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