Jabra introduces Dynamic Composition for PanaCast 50

Jabra introduces Dynamic Composition for PanaCast 50

New feature provides close-up view of participants in physical meeting rooms 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Collaboration solutions provider Jabra has added a new Dynamic Composition feature to its PanaCast 50 video conference bar to provide close-up views of participants in physical meeting rooms.  

According to Jabra’s 2022 Hybrid Ways of Working Global report, 37 per cent of employees say they often feel left out of the conversation in hybrid meetings, which highlights the need for businesses to make them more integrated and seamless. 

Dynamic Composition – which uses artificial intelligence to identify and highlight individuals attending in person – was co-developed with Microsoft to provide a more seamless and productive Microsoft Teams Rooms meeting experience for participants in hybrid work environments. It enables those joining meetings remotely to view up to four of the most recent speakers face to face, matching the view of front-facing personal video conferencing cameras.  

“Dynamic Composition is a completely reimagined meeting experience to meet the needs of today’s workforce,” said Aurangzeb Khan, senior vice president of intelligent vision systems at Jabra. “Hybrid environments are the new normal for workers across the globe, yet there are disparities between those in person and those collaborating remotely. This important enhancement addresses these challenges, combining PanaCast 50’s state-of-the-art system and Microsoft’s command of the virtual meeting experience to bring more seamless hybrid work collaboration to life.”  

The Dynamic Composition view update will be available from June 2022 for users of PanaCast 50 in a Microsoft Teams Rooms environment.  

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