JGC transforms operations with SAP and Microsoft Azure

JGC transforms operations with SAP and Microsoft Azure
Firm has digitised management and financial systems by modernising IT

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Engineering company JGC Holdings has digitised its management and financial systems with SAP S/4 HANA, a financial and accounting system which runs on Microsoft Azure. The firm has standardised its IT infrastructure by moving from on-premises to the cloud. 

The move has helped JGC respond to vast quantities of data and continue working effectively worldwide. 

“Our major markets are Asia, the Middle East and Africa,” said Yasuhiro Kitanaka, an assistant manager at JGC. “As such, global data exchange is crucial as we implement plant design and construction. It was a big draw for us to be able to use our existing network infrastructure, and seamlessly integrate Office 365 at the same time.” 

With an Azure cloud-based IT infrastructure, JGC has increased the efficiency of paperless operations by making documents viewable as PDFs and has also improved organisation and standardisation of operations. 

“By introducing SAP on Azure, we have been able to lay the foundations for innovation within JGC HD,” said Takuya Hanada, CEO for organisational development at JGC. “With the creation of a model that integrates IT infrastructure within the group, we have been able to flexibly respond to changes resulting from a new management structure as well as ensure improved efficiencies in the meantime.” 

The company is also looking to implement Microsoft Teams to optimise operations even further through better collaboration. 

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