Metafile and Nvoicepay launch Dynamics payment solution

Metafile and Nvoicepay launch Dynamics payment solution
New partnership could help reduce costs, increase efficiency and eliminate payment fraud

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Metafile Information Systems and Nvoicepay have partnered to launch a new cloud-based procurement-to-payment solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The offering will deliver automation and remote capabilities for accounts payable processes. 

Metafile says that its flagship product MetaViewer “facilitates a customisable, automated, web-based workflow that enhances the accounts payable process and captures key invoice information”. Nvoicepay securely stores data and manages supplier support, enabling customers to focus on high-value initiatives. 

“This partnership with Nvoicepay gives us the opportunity to provide state-of-the-art, cloud-based automation from procurement to payment,” said Nick Sprau, CEO at Metafile. “We are excited to see the benefits that this integration brings to both MetaViewer and Nvoicepay customers as they experience the efficiency, cost savings and simplification of a fully automated workflow.”

Nvoicepay CEO Karla Friede says the benefits of the new partnership could be three-fold: “Our combined solution will significantly reduce costs, increase efficiency and eliminate the risk of payment fraud – three priorities which are imperative for companies in this global economic crisis.”

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