Microsoft acquires video discussion platform Flipgrid

Microsoft acquires video discussion platform Flipgrid
Solution will now be free to all students and educators, as firms seek to grow community

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has acquired Flipgrid, a video discussion platform used by more than 20 million teachers and students around the world.

The platform allows students to discuss and reply to topics with video clips at home or in the classroom. Following the acquisition, it will be free to use for all educators and students. Microsoft is planning to help grow the Flipgrid community, but the platform will retain its brand and team.

“This is just the beginning of Flipgrid’s inspiring story,” said Eran Megiddo, corporate vice president of Education at Microsoft in a blog post on the Microsoft website. “Today, I’m thrilled to announce the Flipgrid team will be joining Microsoft and embarking on its next exciting chapter. To bring the power of video-based social learning to everyone, we’ll be making Flipgrid free for all educators and offering prorated refunds to everyone who has purchased a subscription from Flipgrid in the last year.”

“Together we have a shared mission to empower educators and students,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a video announcement. “Flipgrid is the place where students go to share ideas and learn together and where educators go to engage them. Building communities around learning is more important than ever.”

In a blog post on the Flipgrid website, Joey Taralson, Flipgrid’s VP of engagement, said: “Flipgrid will continue to work great on Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, PCs, and Android devices. And just as we always have, we will continue to improve Flipgrid for all educators.

“Team Flipgrid will still be Team Flipgrid. Every one of us will continue to support, amplify, and champion the amazing Flipgrid educator community.”

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