Microsoft and Liverpool Hospital use generative AI to break down large volumes of cardiology-related literature

Microsoft and Liverpool Hospital use generative AI to break down large volumes of cardiology-related literature

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Partnership aims to help professionals enhance their medical knowledge and expedite clinical decision making with a solution that interacts with over 80,000 pages of medical documents  

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Microsoft and Liverpool Hospital, one of the largest tertiary referral and teaching hospitals in Sydney, Australia, have partnered to develop a generative artificial intelligence solution to assist cardiologists working with large volumes of cardiology-related literature.

The firms created a generative AI prototype that is built using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and programmed using data from clinical trials that have taken place over the past 40 years, as well as guidelines from cardiac societies across Australia, Europe and the USA. The Microsoft Technology Centre team then processed more than 500 individual documents and 80,000 pages to create a cognitive search index and make the solution accessible via a web application.

“We worked with Microsoft technologists to create a bespoke prototype to allow cardiologists and anyone training in the field to query vast volumes of literature to answer clinical questions or make nuanced comparisons, traversing the significant body of literature,” said Dr Hao Tran, cardiology advanced trainee at Liverpool Hospital. “The solution also successfully generated a comprehensive six-day training programme on aortic stenosis, a common clinical problem among patients and generated comprehensive learning resources in hours, rather than days.”

The solution was presented at the Liverpool Cardiology Academy academic seminar with Microsoft executives present.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Liverpool Hospital on this initiative and unlock the incredible potential of generative AI in healthcare,” said Dr Simon Kos, chief medical officer at Microsoft Australia and New Zealand. “This innovative approach is empowering the hospital’s cardiologists to stay ahead in their field, ensuring the highest standard of patient care.”

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