Microsoft and Modis to improve IT skills for 200,000 professionals in Japan

Microsoft and Modis to improve IT skills for 200,000 professionals in Japan
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The collaboration will drive the digital transformation of public and private sectors by 2025

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft Japan has collaborated with Modis, a subsidiary group of recruitment company The Adecco Group, to develop the skills of 200,000 IT professionals by 2025 to drive the digital transformation of public and private sectors. The collaboration will provide training in Microsoft Azure and Power Platform to help participants improve productivity, organisation skills and progress their careers. 

The partnership aims to provide employees with the skills needed to solve IT issues and develop applications in-house through upskilling and reskilling, human resource development, skill development and employment support. 

“In Japan, the working population is declining with a shortage of IT professionals, and there is huge urgency to plug the digital skills gap with skilling and reskilling,” said Katsura Ito, executive officer, chief learning officer and general manager in Professional Skill Development at Microsoft Japan. “Continuous learning is part of Microsoft’s culture, and we are committed to having employees, enterprise customers and the community gain equal access to digital training and skilling.” 

Microsoft and Modis will also provide training for 100,000 non-IT professionals and job seekers to improve workload and employability within the technology sector. Cloud technology skills will also be provided for 100,000 IT professionals. 

“We are very pleased to collaborate with Microsoft Japan to upskill and reskill talent,” said Kenichiro Kawasaki, president and head of Adecco Group at Modis Japan. “Through this collaboration, we will be able to make greater impact across public and private sectors, providing more opportunities for learning and growth. We are committed to supporting talent growth in the country and digitally transform its labour market to drive social and economic progress for Japan.” 

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