Microsoft delivers new cybersecurity capabilities

Microsoft delivers new cybersecurity capabilities

Firm’s updated offerings use data and IoT to protect against insider and outsider threats

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has announced new cybersecurity capabilities to help enterprises protect against the increasing number of insider and outsider threats. 

According to a Microsoft blog post, the firm is using data and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its security offerings. AI built into Microsoft Security solutions are trained on 8 trillion daily threat signals and the insights of 3,500 security experts. As a result, these offerings can automate 97% of the routine tasks that occupied IT teams’ time just two years ago.

Now generally available, Microsoft Threat Protection takes defences one step further by actively hunting for threats across users, email, applications and endpoints, including Mac and Linux. 

Microsoft Threat Protection also builds upon Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), to further drive preventive protection, post-breach detection and automated investigation and response for Windows, macOS and Linux. There are also plans to expand the offering to iOS and Android. 

The company is also offering security measures beyond its own workloads to defend the entire stack. Azure Sentinel now gives security teams full security visibility, by bringing together insights from leading vendors’ products with those from other cloud platforms such as AWS. The recent announcements also include the general availability of the Azure Sentinel connector for the internet of things and the ability to import AWS CloudTrail logs into Azure Sentinel at no additional cost between 24 February and 30 June 2020. 

Following increasing rates of insider risks, Microsoft is also making Insider Risk Management in Microsoft 365 generally available to customers. 

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