Microsoft helps MediView cut time to market during global pandemic

Microsoft helps MediView cut time to market during global pandemic

Healthcare start-up made its product FDA-ready 12 months ahead of schedule

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Healthcare start-up MediView has made its 3D hologram product ready for US Food and Drug Administration submission in just eight months. With support from Microsoft Consulting Services, the start-up got to market 12 months ahead of schedule. 

MediView’s solution – the Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation platform – creates a 3D hologram that is projected directly on top of a patient’s body, or floats above the surgical site, which surgeons can see through a Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset. The hologram uses live feeds, sensor analysis and biometric data to give surgeons a better understanding of the anatomy beneath the skin. This is turn reduces how invasive the surgical procedure is, can reduce a patient’s exposure to radiation – since X-ray machines are less necessary – and enables remote collaboration during surgical procedures via Microsoft Teams. 

By working with Microsoft, MediView was able to continue developing its product despite being unable to meet with other team members as a result of preventative measures against Covid-19. 

“Lots of start-ups got slammed by the pandemic,” says John Black, CEO and cofounder of MediView. “But we had the partner we needed to continue and even accelerate our innovation. Microsoft isn’t just helping us access the market; it’s helping us create the market. We couldn’t have done what we did, as fast and as well as we did, without Microsoft.”

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