Microsoft partners with Modis to facilitate digital transformation in Japan

Microsoft partners with Modis to facilitate digital transformation in Japan

The programme will help 200,000 IT professionals and 100,000 non-IT professionals develop tech skills

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has partnered with Modis, a subsidiary of HR solutions leader The Adecco Group, to help develop IT skills in 200,000 Japanese IT professionals and 100,000 non-IT professionals. The partnership is part of Microsoft’s efforts to help Japan drive country-wide digital transformation.

Modis and The Adecco Group will contribute towards the human capital and employment support, whilst Microsoft will offer learning opportunities through Microsoft Base and Microsoft Learn.

“Continuous learning is part of Microsoft’s culture, and we are committed to having employees, enterprise customers and the community gain equal access to digital training and skilling,” said Katsura Ito, chief learning officer at Microsoft Japan. “We hope this collaboration with Modis will enable both IT and non-IT professionals to gain the right skills and ultimately help advance digital transformation ant the economy in Japan.”

Japan was ranked 27th in the International Institute for Management Development World Competitiveness Ranking, placed behind China, South Korea and Malaysia. Japan is now accelerating its digital transformation, through the implementation of cloud solutions, which will enable companies to improve time to market and drive innovation.

Microsoft has been helping people to acquire digital skills as part of its Global Skills Initiative and as part of its digital transformation, Japan expects to have 450,000 IT professionals by 2030.

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