Neat brings video devices to Microsoft Teams users

Neat brings video devices to Microsoft Teams users

New certification enables the organisation to support inclusive meeting experiences

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Video device provider Neat is now certified to bring its solutions to Microsoft Teams, enabling the company to support more inclusive virtual meeting experiences.  

With Teams certification, Neat Board, Neat Bar and Neat Pad now natively run Teams and Teams Rooms on Android, enabling users to benefit from Neat’s portfolio of devices and capabilities. For example, Neat Board features a 65-inch touch screen and wide-angle camera for more immersive meetings and whiteboard features, Neat Bar delivers high-quality audio and video, and Neat Pad’s touch screen enables users to control meetings and display room availability outside the room. 

“Neat for Microsoft Teams opens our unique devices and experiences to a broader market globally, giving customers greater flexibility for their hybrid work environments,” said Simen Teigre, CEO of Neat. “Working with Microsoft, we look forward to continuing to solve customers’ challenges in the meeting space and help unlock the creative potential of hybrid teams.”  

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