New Barracuda survey reveals shift in cyber security priorities

New Barracuda survey reveals shift in cyber security priorities
Ransomware and phishing/spear phishing are top concerns for today’s businesses

Elly Yates-Roberts |

A new survey by US-based security company Barracuda has revealed a shift in companies’ cyber security priorities. The survey of over 1,500 IT and security professionals worldwide has found that the threat landscape of email security has changed significantly. In 2003, respondents identified viruses and spam as their top two threats. However, in 2018 ransomware and phishing/spear phishing appeared to be more concerning.  

To combat this, Barracuda has added capabilities better suited to fighting threats such as spear phishing, phishing and zero-day malware. It is also using artificial intelligence (AI) to stop spear phishing and detect account takeover, as well as adding simulation and training to its email security portfolio.

IT professionals’ priorities seem to change, however, when looking to the future. 25% of respondents described the cloud as being the biggest security priority 15 years from now. AI is also a priority, both as an opportunity to improve security and as a threat. 31% of respondents chose AI as the biggest reliance to improve security. On the other hand, 41% believe the weaponisation of AI will be the biggest threat in the next 15 years. 

As such, Barracuda has invested in solutions powered by AI, such as Barracuda Sentinel, which provides AI-based protection from spear phishing, account takeover, and business email compromise, aiming to stay ahead in the cybersecurity AI arms race.

“At Barracuda, we feel it’s important to see where customers’ concerns and priorities are moving and getting there ahead of the need, so we can provide the solutions they’ll be looking for as threats get more sophisticated,” said BJ Jenkins, chief executive officer of Barracuda. “We’ve come a long way over the past 15 years, and we’re looking forward to finding new ways to protect businesses. We’re excited to celebrate this milestone with our customers and channel partners, as well as introducing a refreshed brand identity that reflects the way the company has evolved.”


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