Nintex Workflow Cloud now available to European customers

Nintex Workflow Cloud now available to European customers
Microsoft Azure data centre in Ireland will provide added cloud support 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

 Nintex has made the Nintex Workflow Cloud available to European customers through a Microsoft Azure data centre in Ireland. More organisations can now use the firm’s automation capabilities for cloud migration support, and data privacy and residency. 

Over 8,000 organisations already use the platform to map, manage, automate, and optimise enterprise-wide business processes. Nintex is responding to customer demand with the new regional capabilities, so that other businesses can use the firm’s scalable solutions in the cloud and provisioning. 

“Organisations in every industry are embracing the Nintex Process Platform to drive rapid digital transformation,” said Florian Haarhaus, vice president for EMEA sales at Nintex. “With the new EU data centre for Nintex Workflow Cloud, we provide European customers with another on-ramp to the cloud with full support for their data residency requirements.”

The Nintex platform provides automation capabilities such as process mapping, automatic creation of workflows, robotic process automation, responsive forms, mobile apps, document automation, and process intelligence. Its cloud services also ensure compliance with EU data residency and privacy rules.

“Many companies have approached us about moving to the cloud but have had concerns about privacy, regulatory compliance and approval from their Workers' Councils and data protection commissioners,” said Henning Eiben, a Nintex virtual technical evangelist. “They have to be really careful about how customer data flows through their systems. A Nintex Workflow Cloud data centre in the EU offers companies increased security in moving to the cloud. It opens up new possibilities.”

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