PDM Technology brings CAD and ERP together

PDM Technology brings CAD and ERP together

Jørgen Schiønning Larsen from PDM Technology outlines the new CAD/ERP LINK solution

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In today’s cloud-based software world, companies are flooded with increased data-accessibility requirements to stay competitive. Until now, 3D CAD users and Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution users were forced to work separately in these detached systems. However, engineers need to be able to access ERP data to combine it with their CAD drawings and keep designs up-to-date, and ERP users need to access real-time CAD drawings and bill of materials (BOM) data.

By manually entering data, the data becomes error-prone and unreliable. When inconsistent master data is being used within an organisation, a variety of problems begin to emerge. CAD data is a key component of product design which supports several downstream processes, so any errors inevitably trickle down through the enterprise. Without establishing systems to enable seamless data exchange and effective collaboration across systems and departments, companies risk losing their edge. For those reasons and more, many companies are in search of solution that effectively enables enterprise-wide access to information. A common solution to these problems has been to implement a full-scale product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. However, there are situations where companies do not need a complete PLM solution. At Bluestar we developed an alternative for those clients that do not need to manage product and engineering changes, business process management, and full product data lifecycle management then the CAD/ERP is a very viable option. 

CAD/ERP LINK boasts seamless 3D CAD interface integration, bringing enterprise-level mobility to key processes in an organisation. CAD/ERP LINK is easily adaptable to meet your specific business needs. Integrating your ERP and CAD applications helps people do their jobs. Leverage all your CAD Data with bi-directional data transfer between these two systems. With CAD/ERP LINK, all CAD data and documents are automatically linked to corresponding parts and are linked to the item numbering in the ERP system. ERP users are granted access to relevant CAD data, including the PDFs of the latest drawings. This solution provides secure and consistent management of the archive, change, and creation of data from 3D CAD and integration with Dynamics 365 makes it available across the enterprise. This product bridges the gap between 3D CAD systems and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Our solution features a quick and easy implementation process. By using a single enterprise-wide system for all engineering data, you will reduce unforced errors and delays, support product development and collaboration, and boost engineering efficiency.

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