Preventx uses Node4 cloud to deliver health services across UK

Preventx uses Node4 cloud to deliver health services across UK

Microsoft Azure-based service will provide a cost-effective and agile infrastructure

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Preventx, a UK provider of remote sexual health screening services, has migrated from its traditional server to Node4’s Microsoft Azure-based public cloud. The move will give Preventx access to a resilient, cost-effective and agile infrastructure. 

Preventx provides its services through contracts with local authorities and NHS trusts. These services are designed to make sexual health screening easier, more accessible and cost-effective. 

“We were looking to create a secure, highly available and resilient infrastructure with access to Healthcare Social Care Network (HSCN),” said Dr Chris Jelley, chief technology officer at Preventx. “We wanted to work with a trusted provider – not only in the initial provision of data transition, but for ongoing technical support too. Node4 has a strong track record with other healthcare providers and a great deal of experience supporting Azure frameworks. 

“In the months since partnering with Node4, we’ve seen huge benefits across our business. Adopting public cloud and Azure Services have delivered a flexible and agile infrastructure – one that’s far more cost-effective and strategic than stacking and then under-utilising physical servers. To anyone in the health sector and beyond questioning the validity and effectiveness of public cloud environments, I’d say if you haven’t made the move already, what are you waiting for?”

Node4’s HSCN connectivity also enables Preventx to securely send and receive data from its public sector partners, an essential part of ensuring patient confidentiality.

“Moving to a public cloud environment gives Preventx the flexibility to scale its remote self-sampling services on demand without the substantial capital costs required to grow a physical IT infrastructure,” said Gregg Mearing, chief technology officer at Node4. “At the same time, access to Azure delivers an array of analytics tools to help Preventx understand how its application performs and provide the insight necessary to scale IT infrastructure accurately, in line with projected business growth.” 

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