Taqtile to launch Manifest 2.0 for Microsoft HoloLens 2

Taqtile to launch Manifest 2.0 for Microsoft HoloLens 2
New features will improve communication and collaboration between remote workers

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Software provider Taqtile will launch the second iteration of its flagship product Manifest for Microsoft HoloLens 2. The augmented reality solution includes new features that aim to transform how staff access and use work instruction technology, and improve communication and collaboration between remote workers. 

Some of the key new features available are Expert Connect and Working Together. Expert Connect enables easier communication between users via a browser or mixed reality headset. Users can now initiate one-to-one calls using audio and video, and share photos, videos, PDFs or jobs. According to a Taqtile news story about the release, “the ability to connect with precisely the right expert is supported through an internal contact list that automatically sorts relevant users.”  

Working Together allows users to share a planned team procedure or reassign steps to other operators. The feature also enables operators to collaborate on a job. All team members can watch the job progress through each step and view notes left by other operators. 

“Our modern industrial ecosystem is being stressed in a way that would have been hard to predict a year ago, and it is glaringly evident that vulnerability to disruption is pervasive,” said Dirck Schou, CEO of Taqtile. “What is needed are tools designed specifically to enable and empower front line workers, the sort of which Taqtile has been providing in Manifest for the last three years. Now, with the release of Manifest 2.0 we take “Everyone is an Expert” to new heights by enabling workers to connect with experts whenever and wherever they need, easily creating workgroups that enable teams to work together more efficiently.”

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