The dawn of the next industrial revolution

The dawn of the next industrial revolution

Insight-driven manufacturing uses AI to prevent machine failure and improve performance

Elly Yates-Roberts |

How everyday products are made has always shaped not just what we consume, but how we work and live. The original Industrial Revolution led to mass urbanisation, modern management theory and the default working week. More recently, lean manufacturing and continuous improvement evolved into agile software development and lean start-ups.  

Manufacturing is now going through a fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) driven by digital technologies. The pandemic posed a triple threat to the industry, affecting demand, supply and workforce simultaneously. To adapt, manufacturers turbocharged digitisation. They also need to build more agile production operations in order to respond to longer-term shifts in consumer demand, direct-to-consumer models and a trend towards mass customisation.  

Insight-driven manufacturing is a subset of Industry 4.0 focused on using automated insights from technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to make better and more automated decisions. 

Unlike other industries undergoing digital transformation, manufacturing uses large, expensive and potentially dangerous machines to make products. Those machines cannot be replaced but they can be digitised. Augury’s Machine Health solution uses internet of things (IoT) and AI to predict and prevent machine failures and improve performance. It also generates a new stream of insights which enable manufacturers to transform the entire production process.  

Manufacturers move through several levels of maturity when applying AI-driven insights: seeing, understanding, predicting, adopting and self-optimising. First, they gain a new understanding of their operation, such as seeing the current health status of every machine. Manufacturers then start to use insights to predict what will happen in the future, take action based on those predictions and automate those actions.  

Frito-Lay (a PepsiCo subsidiary) used Augury’s Machine Health insights to reduce unexpected breakdowns, interruptions, or incremental costs for replacement parts on the monitored assets. At Colgate-Palmolive, machine insights are combined with quality insights to predict which pet food formula will run best on a particular machine, a process which will influence product development. Essity, one of the world’s largest tissue makers, uses insights to enable more efficient processes in sourcing, production and logistics. Essity employs digital solutions across its operations, including self-regulating processes, smart sensors, data analyses, robotization and automation to achieve the lowest cost position combined with the best quality. 

Insight-driven manufacturing affects the manufacturing workforce too, eliminating unnecessary tasks and freeing up factory floor staff for higher-value work. Essity has created a new role, digitisation engineer, to make production process improvements with technology.

All of our futures will be changed by the Industrial Revolution of insight, and already that future looks bright.

Saar Yoskovitz is CEO and co-founder of Augury 

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