The Spring issue of The Record is out now!

The Spring issue of The Record is out now!

Get the latest enterprise insights from industry experts and Microsoft executives

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The Spring 2021 issue of The Record is out now and available to view free of charge in digital format.

Businesses across the globe are engaged in the effort to climb back to pre-pandemic levels of activity, and for many, the answer to the challenges ahead lies in the adoption of new technology. At the same time, many are taking the opportunity to build more sustainable organisations. In our cover story, we look at how Microsoft is using technology to reach its environmental goals and helping its partners and customers to follow suit

The retail and consumer packaged goods sector has been among the most visibly impacted by 12 months of commercial turmoil. In our interview with Microsoft’s corporate vice president for retail and CPG, Shelley Bransten, we find out more about the recent launch of the Microsoft Cloud for Retail platform and how this new toolset will further enable retailers to drive recovery. 

We also learn more about how media organisations have been working to fill the void left by an absence of live events worldwide. We ask Microsoft’s Jennifer Cooper and Martin Wahl about the tools that have helped media owners to entertain audiences during uniquely challenging times and the technology that will drive even greater levels of engagement with the consumer of the future. 

Elsewhere in the magazine we talk with Microsoft’s mixed reality sales lead for North America, Rody Senner, in our second HoloLens product focus piece, this time centred around manufacturing. She shares how the mixed reality solution is accelerating innovation and we look at solutions from partners working alongside Microsoft in this area. 

The Marketwatch section also highlights Microsoft’s mixed reality expertise with the launch of Microsoft Mesh. Here we also showcase some of the biggest news from the Microsoft partner community. 

Our ‘Last Word’ comes from Berylls Group CEO and co-founder Jan Burgard, who shares his opinions on the challenges facing automotive industry leaders in the coming year and the technology trends that will lead the way. 

We hope you enjoy the read.

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