CallMiner launches new analytics capabilities for conversation intelligence platform RealTime

CallMiner launches new analytics capabilities for conversation intelligence platform RealTime

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RealTime’s enhancements will improve the user experience 

Enhanced features will improve the user experience and help drive revenue generation and customer satisfaction 

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CallMiner has added new real-time and post-interaction analytics capabilities to its conversation intelligence platform to help improve both the contact centre agent and customer experience. 

The new RealTime functions will work in conjunction with CallMiner’s core platform to provide agents with guidance during customer interactions, help them with call flow and script adherence and empower them to identify up-sell or cross-sell opportunities.  

In addition, the new features for the artificial intelligence-powered platform will better support agent onboarding, enable supervisors to deliver personalised alerts to reinforce agent behaviours, escalate issues appropriately and drive faster time to resolution. This will optimise agent performance and revenue generation, while also driving agent retention and customer satisfaction. 

“As more organisations adopt conversation intelligence solutions, it’s critical that those offerings deliver post-interaction and real-time analytics capabilities seamlessly,” said Bruce McMahon, vice president of product management for CallMiner. “This includes having AI and humans work together – AI components can enable better agent guidance, while ‘human in the loop’ capabilities support the review and augmentation of AI-generated alerts. That’s why CallMiner continues to enhance and invest in our RealTime product.” 

CallMiner’s RealTime enhancements come following a collaboration with Microsoft to expand its use of Microsoft Azure AI and machine learning capabilities

The Massachusetts-based software company will be showcasing the enhancements to RealTime at Booth #617 at Customer Contact Week Las Vegas 2023, which is taking place from 19-22 June. 

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