Codify uses Learn on Demand Systems solution for recruitment

Codify uses Learn on Demand Systems solution for recruitment
IT Pro Challenges enables the firm to accelerate the recruiting process and save time

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Codify is using a Learn on Demand Systems solution to ensure effective recruitment of new employees. With IT Pro Challenges the cloud migration enabler has accelerated the recruiting process and saved time.

“We strive to find self-starters,” said Ben Parker, director of Codify. “We want someone who can pick up any task, approach it and get to a conclusion. We want someone who’s committed and excited to work for us. And, we also really need people who know what they say they know.”

Once Codify’s recruiter identifies applicants who fit culturally, each of those candidates receives two IT Pro Challenges.

To determine which candidates move further along in the interview process, Parker and his team see who completed the challenges correctly and how long it took them, as well as who abandoned the challenges. The team can then quickly find those candidates who don’t have the necessary skillset for the role, which in this case, means having Azure knowledge at their fingertips.

“More and more organisations are trying to qualify someone’s technical skills—particularly with the cloud,” said Parker. “It’s very hard to qualify someone’s technical ability and be sure they know what they say they know on their resume. IT Pro Challenges give us that ability.”

“We consume it as a service, so it’s not expensive at all in comparison to the time we save. And the ability to see someone demonstrate the skill of picking up what is probably a new solution to them—or maybe looks different from the last time they did it—and implementing it end-to-end is invaluable.”

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