Microsoft Azure helps Amadeus to improve travel experiences

Microsoft Azure helps Amadeus to improve travel experiences


IT firm creates data mesh architecture to build personalised and on-demand travel services

Amber Hickman |

Travel technology firm Amadeus has worked with Microsoft to create and implement a data mesh architecture on Microsoft Azure.

The company serves customers across all segments of the travel and tourism industry, including airlines, travel agencies, hotels, airports and car companies. Over one billion travel transactions are processed through Amadeus platforms each day, and so the company sought out a way to utilise its data insights.

“When a person travels, they go through several channels, generating data each time,” said Joel Singer, head of data engineering at Amadeus. “Our goal is to create a link between each of these data pools and to allow our customers to extract relevant analysis, while at all times ensuring compliance with applicable legislation and the highest security standards."

Working in collaboration with Microsoft Cloud architects and could -scale analytics experts, Amadeus has created a data mesh solution to help spur the development of innovative new personalised and on-demand travel experiences.

“We’re working with Microsoft to create a domain-driven, distributed architecture built from Microsoft Azure data landing zones,” said Thierry Sabran, principal architect at Amadeus. “The data mesh is secured by applying cutting-edge technology to protect the data and is strictly governed through the global access controls and data cataloguing of an Azure data management landing zone.”

Amadeus piloted the solution with a simple use case. The organisation used high-volume data from travel search engines to demonstrate that the platform would scale while still having the liberty to test, try, fail and learn. Since then, Amadeus has been building its new data platform incrementally, in keeping with its data strategy and goals.

The data mesh is now in its fifth iteration, with each successive version delivering new self-service and scaling capabilities. Amadeus hopes to soon achieve three milestones: develop a technological foundation that rapidly optimises operations and resiliency on a global scale, create a frictionless experience for travellers worldwide, and create a global trusted travel data ecosystem.

“Travel is life,” says Singer. “It connects people, it connects countries, it connects businesses. And thus, it allows us to better understand the world in which we live and helps us grow. This is what Amadeus enables – and we’re doing it faster and better than ever before .”

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