Microsoft Canada partners with Desjardin for climate change solutions

Microsoft Canada partners with Desjardin for climate change solutions


Technology firm is providing IoT capabilities and weather data for marine sustainability projects

Alice Chambers |

Microsoft Canada has partnered with financial services provider Desjardin for the fourth year to invest in the future of climate change innovation.

As part of the partnership, Microsoft asked aspiring entrepreneurs and technology start-up businesses to develop solutions that use artificial intelligence to improve climate predictions and waste, as part of Desjardin’s six-week training programme Cooperathon.

Microsoft selected AquaPreserve as its aspiring entrepreneur winner and CANN Forecast as the technology start-up winner.

Aqua Preserve is a 4K HD underwater camera with intelligent recognition that monitors invasive species in lakes and rivers. The platform uploads real-time images into Microsoft Azure. According to Microsoft, the technology is currently  in the pilot phase but has potential to positively impact the environment.

CANN Forecast (CANN) is a Montreal-based firm that aims to prevent water-related crises by building AI-based support tools that protect public infrastructure. CANN plans to integrate weather and climate data from the Microsoft Planetary Computer to inform near-real-time quality control for sensor data and integrate climate change scenarios into its solutions.

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