Microsoft Supply Chain Platform helps businesses to innovate in weeks instead of years, says David Warrick

Microsoft Supply Chain Platform helps businesses to innovate in weeks instead of years, says David Warrick

Overhaul’s involvement in the service will enable Microsoft partners and customers to maximise their existing investments 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft launched its new Microsoft Supply Chain Platform in November 2022, as supply chain disruption gripped industries worldwide. The solution combines Microsoft artificial intelligence with low-code, security and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to help businesses improve how they use their supply chain data.

The platform is built around the Microsoft Supply Chain Center (MSCC), a command centre where customers can harmonise data across their supply chains. Overhaul – a provider of supply chain visibility and security solutions – is one of four launch partners that will deliver native experiences within the centre.

“The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform is an open, collaborative and composable foundation for data and supply chain orchestration,” says David Warrick, executive vice president of Overhaul’s enterprise division. “It helps organisations to maximise their existing supply chain investments with an open approach, bringing AI, collaboration, security and SaaS applications together.”

The platform will help to improve interoperability, collaboration, data enrichment, supply chain visibility and resilience for Microsoft’s partners and customers. “Collaboration and interoperability are vital pieces of the supply chain, and the MSCC provides innovation through that interoperability,” says Warrick. “With a platform-as-a-service model, supply chain leaders can innovate in weeks instead of years, gain more data for better modelling, and save on infrastructure costs. Without long deployments or heavy integrations, customers will see quicker return on investment (ROI) and more agile adaption to the growing needs of their businesses.”

Over the past few years, Overhaul has worked to provide great experiences for Microsoft customers. The delivery of the MSCC builds on this, enabling Overhaul to showcase its prowess as a trusted independent software vendor. 

“Together, Overhaul and the MSCC will deliver proactive risk management fuelled by data-driven visibility,” says Warrick. “We have built a committed partnership with Microsoft, and as a partner we benefit from Microsoft Azure’s on-demand scalability, high availability, and world-class cybersecurity.” 

But the partnership is a two-way street, with benefits on both sides. “As a customer of Overhaul, Microsoft saw ROI increase four-fold during its first peak season with our real-time risk management solutions,” adds Warrick. “Overhaul’s solutions are already leveraged through Microsoft’s own Devices supply chain and through the MSCC they will add additional value for customers and partners looking to increase their visibility and risk management capabilities.”

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