Sarafan Technology uses Microsoft Azure for global success

Sarafan Technology uses Microsoft Azure for global success
Affiliate program for fashion brand promotion uses the cloud to quickly analyse image data

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Russian affiliate program for fashion brand promotion Sarafan Technology is using Microsoft Azure’s machine learning and data services to speed up its processing by analysing image data in milliseconds, expecting 100 times global usage growth by 2020. 

Sarafan Technology uses artificial intelligence to help fashion and beauty website users find and purchase products like those on the site of a brand, publisher or influencer.

Having only started in spring 2018, the company has already achieved international success, analysing over 200 million photos and videos each month for its 60 million customers and 150 signup partners. 

“What we have done has only been possible through Microsoft Azure, from the commercial side of the company to the technical power of our service,” said Ksenia Shirokova, chief operating officer at Sarafan Technology. “Without this platform, we could not have so quickly become a credible partner for global brands in multiple countries, and in processing terms, Azure enables us to crunch image data in our computer vision software from three seconds down to 0.4.

“We are already planning for 100 times growth in usage before 2020―again, something that is only possible thanks to the power of Azure.”

According to Shirokova, the cloud’s pay-per-hour payment model and storage is invaluable to the company as it enables it to manage resources effectively and optimise its distribution. 

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