Site24x7 now features Microsoft Azure monitoring and chatbot integration

Site24x7 now features Microsoft Azure monitoring and chatbot integration
Cloud-based solution give IT teams a unified view of their IT infrastructure and improves productivity

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Zoho Corporation is to integrate an artificial intelligence (AI) powered Microsoft Azure monitoring system and chatbots that work with Microsoft Teams to Site24x7, its cloud-based performance monitoring solution for DevOps and IT operations professionals.

Site24x7 Azure monitoring system brings together existing capabilities for monitoring user experience, infrastructure and application performance into a single solution to deliver full monitoring in a hybrid cloud environment. The system offers users: support for over 100 Microsoft Azure products; Microsoft Azure Marketplace extensions; AI detection of key performance indicators, with around-the-clock performance monitoring; and more. This gives users a unified overview of their hybrid cloud infrastructure and actionable alerts that allow them to resolve issues quickly.

“With digital transformation picking pace, DevOps teams are happy embracing public cloud for new workloads, but it comes with a few inevitable challenges such as getting end-to-end visibility, performance degradation and managing user experience of business critical applications,” said Srinivasa Raghavan, product manager at “With AI-driven monitoring and IT automation, the issues across private, public and hybrid environments help IT teams to bring down mean time to repair incidents, thus improving productivity.”

The Microsoft Teams chatbot integration will help enhance productivity in organisations struggling with the challenges of a hybrid environment. Users will be able to check the health status of critical applications via their familiar workplace chat room and receive instant near-human responses from a chatbot built on natural language processing technologies. 

“ChatOps scenarios built on Microsoft Teams empower users to collaborate, share critical documents, applications and communicate in real time,” said Bhrighu Sareen, general manager of Microsoft Teams. “AI-driven monitoring capability brings together developers, application teams and IT operations into a single efficient secure location in Microsoft Teams for quick problem identification all the way to resolution.”

In addition to providing a Microsoft Azure management platform, Zoho Corporation plans to introduce cost analysis and management for various cloud platforms to Site24x7 to help IT teams regulate their cloud and IT management costs.

Original, an automotive engineering company, has already benefited from the new Microsoft Teams integration. 

“Site24x7 has always been a versatile and reliable monitoring suite for our online operations. The actionable alerts and in-depth reports have enabled us to respond to emergencies promptly,” said James Lovegrove, manager of IT and Systems at Original. “Having our workforce operating on Microsoft Office 365, we found great value from using Site24x7’s integration with Microsoft Teams. It has also empowered our IT team to stay informed about service outages, collaborate faster and reduce the overall mean time to resolve.”


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