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Winter 2018

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Editor: Lindsay James
Executive Editor: Andy Clayton-Smith

The Winter 2018 issue of The Record is out now!

As we leave the old year behind and look forward to seeing what 2019 has to offer, it seems highly probable that this new year will prove to be the time when digital transformation finally moves from being a compelling technology concept for many to a business-critical necessity for all.

The common consensus is that over the next twelve months we will see tectonic change within leading global organisations which will finally move the technology conversation of the day from theory to implementation. With that in mind, this edition looks at where the leaders in this race to adopt best practice are heading, from audience analytics in the world of media to digital transformation within the healthcare industry.

In our cover story starting on page 32 we talk with Gavriella Schuster, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner division, about the ways in which Microsoft sees customer demand and expectation evolving within the ‘digital-first’ workplace and where partners are achieving most alongside Microsoft to deliver new and valuable solutions.

As always, our winter issue contains a broad spectrum of news and views taken from all areas of enterprise and the public sector. In our marketwatch section you’ll find updates on all the latest business wins from partners operating around the globe and, along with features, case studies and thought-leadership perspectives throughout, on page 128 we hear from BIAN’s Hans Tesselaar about how leading banking organisations are leveraging APIs to drive collaboration.

There’s plenty more too – enjoy the issue!

Magazine highlights

Fostering new ideas

Maximising value for customers

Microsoft’s Jennifer Byrne outlines her vision for the year ahead

Marketwatch Issue 3


The latest news from Microsoft and its partners

Beyond the chatter


Unlocking new experiences for all: How Microsoft and its partners are facilitating an entirely new way of working

Workplaces of the future

Reducing congestion Down Under

How Cubic Transportation Systems is easing traffic problems in Sydney

Doing more with data

Creating value through partnerships

The benefits of Finastra’s collaboration with Microsoft

Operating on the move

The journey to Microsoft Azure

How DXC Technology is helping companies acceleration their cloud adoption

AI development: Don’t go it alonee

Cloud security: Ignorance isn’t bliss

Barracuda Networks’ Chris Hill on why on-premises security isn’t enough

The growing need for security intelligence

How automation benefits remote workers

Alyssa Putzer from Metafile discusses the benefits of automated document management

Industry highlights

Communications and Media

In the always-on, always-connected world in which we live, audience growth and perceived service value in any industry is only possible through deep and ongoing analysis of customers’ online activities and purchasing patterns.

This is no truer than in the media industry, where connected audience analytics can help organisations to capture precious data from multiple sources, to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. We find out more about this in the pages that follow.

Download a PDF of the Communications and Media section of the Winter 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

The power of audience analytics

How connected solutions can help media firms better deliver content

Empowering broadcasters

Dan McQuillin from Broadcast Bionics on the benefits of The Bionic Studio

Financial Services

Identification tools in financial services have been flawed since the industry began. Cards can be cloned, passwords can be cracked and even biometrics such as fingerprint scans are not without their problems. As financial firms offer an increasingly digital, mobile banking experience, they also face an evolving array of cybersecurity threats.

For Microsoft, the solution to problems of security and identification lies within a blend of Azurebased artificial intelligence, customer biometrics and technology such as blockchain, which can be leveraged to provide an entirely unique security solution for each and every customer. We find out more in this issue.

Download a PDF of the Financial services section of the Winter 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

Tackling security challenges

How Microsoft is helping to address evolving threats

What can you do with blockchain?

Magda Ramada Sarasola from Willis Towers Watson outlines her vision for the technology

Banking on your doorstep

How VeriPark technology is benefiting VakıfBank

Manufacturing and Resources

From initial planning and procurement, through the manufacturing process to transportation and warehouse management, technology has a key role to play in all areas of the manufacturer’s world. At a time when customers demand ever more from their suppliers, where will technology deliver real competitive advantage?

With products like Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics ERP, Microsoft firmly believes it has the answer. In the pages that follow, we expand upon how these technologies are set to transform the industry in the year to come.

Download a PDF of the manufacturing section of the Winter 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

Manufacturing on the edge

Microsoft’s Colin Masson is joined by key partners to discuss the tech that can empower manufacturers

Are you ready to think differently?

Mike James from ATS Global on the merits of manufacturing on the edge

Unlocking efficiencies with AP automation

Andrew Scarborough from Bottomline Technologies on the need to automate accounts payable

Public Sector

The combined pressures of an aging population, restricted budgets and a shortage of qualified personnel means that any health organisation looking to improve patient experience and outcome is facing a challenge.

Microsoft platforms and the products and services of its healthcare partners can offer a firm base to improve patient experiences, empower employees and enhance service delivery. We find out where the wins are to be found in the pages that follow.

Download a PDF of the Public Sector services section of the Winter 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

The health technology revolution

Microsoft’s Elena Bonfiglioli on the tech that is reinventing healthcare

Transforming healthcare with the cloud

Guy Lucchi from DXC Technology explains how to improve experiences for patients

How Bett is changing education

What to expect from the 2019 event

Retail and Hospitality

Whether it’s by equipping retail and hospitality workers with tools to connect more effectively with their customers, helping drive innovation by automating processes and cutting cost through the adoption of artificial intelligence, or by connecting retailers with their suppliers via a host of cloudbased applications that promote greater transparency and dialogue between all areas of the business, Microsoft, along with its ecosystem of partners, is well equipped to help retailers worldwide to delight their customers. In this issue we take a look at the latest advances.

Download a PDF of the Retail and Hospitality services section of the Winter 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

Understanding the customer journey

How analytics, AI and other digital solutions are transforming retail

The power of digital transformation

Claire Hulett from Blue Prism outlines the pain points in the shopping journey